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Research2000: Deeds Has The Lead at 30; McAuliffe Falls Back

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 6/1-3. Likely voters. MoE 4% (5/18-20 results)

Democratic Primary voters MoE 5%

Creigh Deeds (D)     30 (13)

Brian Moran (D)      27 (22)

Terry McAuliffe (D)  26 (36)

Undecided 17 (29)

I agree that a strong field operation can help the second and third place finishers here, but McAuliffe has lost 10 points in the last two weeks, while Deeds has gained 17. No field operation I know of can overcome bad momentum and being in third with 4 days to go.

General Wesley Clark Endorses Mike Signer

From the Mike Signer campaign:


Arlington, VA – General Wesley Clark (US Army, ret.) endorses Mike Signer for Lieutenant Governor.

“I know Mike from my 2004 presidential campaign in Virginia and his work on national security issues. Mike Signer has the strength and leadership that Virginia needs and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor,” said General Clark.

“The problems facing Virginia and this country are so urgent, that they demand strong, courageous leadership to carry us forward. Mike sees the office of Lieutenant Governor as more than just a placeholder position, but rather an opportunity to seek progress on the most pressing issues. Mike is focused on the future of Virginia, not the past. His approach to the office and his leadership on every issue from jobs and the economy to veterans issues and moves to the strengthen our democracy make Mike the clear choice on June 9th.”

“General Clark has served his country bravely and tirelessly,” said Mike Signer. “General Clark is a model citizen, exemplary public servant, and beacon of honor. I am honored to have his endorsement. As Lieutenant Governor, I will be a public advocate for working Virginians and shine a spotlight on problems we’ve ignored for too long.”

General Wesley Clark (US Army, ret.) was a four star general in the U.S. Army and NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. He was a 2004 presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Well, this race just got a whole lot more interesting.

Find Your Polling Place For Tuesday

Virginia State Board of Elections

I have been working on a prediction for turnout statewide. I haven’t gotten it nailed down yet, but it will be interesting to see if it passes 5% by much.

I saw somewhere that the percentage of voters turning out for the 2006 Jim Webb-Harris Miller primary was just under 3.5% (150,000 +). That is abysmal numbers. I am adding my voice to others who have suggested that the election schedule in Virginia is too costly for the Commonwealth, and too draining to have elections every year. Fatigue and apathy sets in, and an ever changing group of activists try to win elections after the previous crowd got worn out from non-stop electioneering.

Please remember to vote, June 9, 2009, from 6 AM until 7 PM.

PPP: All Three Are Tied, Within MOE

From PPP blog:

With a week to go until the Democratic primary for Governor in Virginia the state of the race is as muddled as ever, with all three candidates within five points of each other. Creigh Deeds has a slight lead with 27%, followed by Terry McAuliffe at 24%, and Brian Moran at 22%. All three candidates are within each other’s margins of error and if the election was today any of the trio could plausibly finish first or last. Nevertheless the momentum continues to be on Deeds’ side. Over the last month he has gone from 14% to 20% to 27% in the polls while McAuliffe has dropped from 30% to 29% to 24% and Moran has pretty much stayed in place, polling twice at 20% and now up to 22%.

Go read the details. What we have here is a nail biter finish to this primary.

What People Are Saying About Mike Signer

meck sun

“The most interesting non-gubernatorial race (to me, anyway) is on the Democratic side, for lieutenant governor. Originally there were so many candidates in the running that it took a scorecard to keep them all straight, but today the field is down to two: Jody Wagner, who served as Secretary of Finance in the Kaine Administration, and Mike Signer, a political consultant, author and national security consultant who is making his first run for public office. In a surprise, it’s Signer who has proven to be the superior candidate — by a mile.”


…It would be a mistake, though, to think of Mr. Signer as only an academic: The Arlington native also worked as a deputy counselor to former governor Mark R. Warner, helped Rep. Tom Perriello (D) upset incumbent Republican Virgil Goode last year and has been involved in protecting voters’ rights in Virginia since 2004. Mr. Signer hits the usual points on the campaign trail — jobs, transportation, education — but isn’t afraid to broach subjects many politicians consider taboo, including the need to grant ex-felons voting rights.”

More and more people are saying it: Mike Signer is the most qualified candidate. Enthusiasm. ideas, tough work ethic. In short, just who we need to make the office an advocacy for all citizens.

Mike Signer has been in my area at least 6 times during this campaign. I do not know of any appearances by his opponent in this area. Charlottesville, 50 miles away, is the closest visit in my recollection.

Mike Signer is well connected with the Young Democrats all over the state. I know the Longwood chapter has been his host a few times this spring.

It’s time for a real problem solver. It’s time for Mike Signer.

June 9, 2009 6AM-7PM

Mike Signer for Lieutenant Governor – Vote June 9, 2009

Union Endorsements For Mike Signer

Big announcement from the Signer Campaign this evening…


ARLINGTON, VA – The Mike Signer campaign is pleased to announce the endorsements of the Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs Coalition I.U.P.A. Local 5016, the DC Building Trades Council and all ten locals of the United Transportation Union of Virginia.

“The Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs Coalition I.U.P.A. Local 5016 is proud to endorse Mike Signer for Lt. Governor in the Democratic Primary on June 9,” said Kevin Pittman, president of the Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs Coalition I.U.P.A. Local 5016. “Mike’s vision of turning the office of Lt. Governor into a public advocate rather than a place holder and his introduction of bold initiatives into this race has made him the best candidate to support. In addition to his vocal support of the Employee Free Choice Act, Mike introduced a jobs plan that will strengthen our economy and help keep police and deputy sheriffs on our streets ensuring Virginia citizens remain safe everyday. As Lt. Governor, Mike will stand with the men and women in uniform who protect the citizens of Fairfax and our Commonwealth everyday he is in office.’

“Mike has shown an enthusiasm for protecting workers’ rights,” said Walter Yeatts, legislative director of the United Transportation Union of Virginia. “He has surrounded himself with people who have fought hard for Virginia’s workers. Mike has bravely and publicly taken positions that have given us confidence that he too will fight for working Virginians.”

A full list of endorsing unions follows below.

“Mike Signer will be a public advocate for working Virginians and this string of endorsements demonstrates that,” said Christian Rickers, campaign spokesperson. “Mike’s strong support from organized labor is one more reason why he is the strongest candidate and best equipped to defeat Bill Bolling in November. Democrats need to elect a true progressive who who will fight for their values to take on Bill Bolling. Now that this is a two person race, voters have a clear choice between someone who will stand up and fight for their issues and an alternative.”

Endorsing Unions:

Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs Coalition I.U.P.A. Local 5016
DC Building Trades Council
Asbestos Workers Local #24
Boilermakers Local #193
Bricklayers & Allied Crafts Local # 1
Electrical Workers Local #26
Elevator Constructors Local #10
Iron Workers Local #5
Operating Engineers Local #77
Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons #891
Painters District Council #51
Plumbers Local #5
Reinforced Rodmen Local #201
Roofers & Waterproofers Local #30
Sheet Metal Workers Local #100
Sprinkler Fitters Local #669
Steamfitters Local #602
10 Locals of the United Transportation Union of Virginia

Mike Signer, candidate for Lt. Governor

Mike Signer, candidate for Lt. Governor

Mike Signer has taken a bold stance on the rights of workers to organize and to make a better life for themselves. This is only one of his bold ideas for our Commonwealth.

He deserves credit for being out front on several important issues before the Commonwealth and its leaders.

I consider Mike to be the kind of leader that will transform the Office of Lieutenant Governor to one of advocacy for the citizens of this Commonwealth. He is a problem-solver, and knows how to negotiate.

He’s  experienced, youthful, and ready to go to work for us right away next January.

Mike Signer for Lieutenant Governor.